His Divine Grace SATGURU SWAMI TEONRAM MAHARAJ is the Heart and Soul of PREM PRAKASH MANDAL. He was full of Bhakti & Shakti.

He appeared on this earth on Saturday 6thJuly, 1887 in the noble family of Phoolvanshi Kshatriya of a beautiful village Khando near holy bank of river Sindhu. His father BhaktChellaram was a pious person and mother Smt. Krishna Devi was a true devotee of Supreme Lord.

His divine personality attracted the masters, of all fields to join His followings that rapidly grew to thousands, of which more than 100 became saints of highest purity.

He asserted spiritual equality of all people. He and His saints travelled tirelessly throughout the society and by love and compassion, purged it of its malpractices, addiction and superstitions. Welcoming one and all, he crowned them with ultimate liberation. Satguru Maharajwere very humble and pious. One day two people came to AmrapurAsthan to pay their respect to Satguru Maharaj. They took off their chappals and were about to sit down on ‘assan’ kept for Satguru Maharaj, when temple keepers stopped them. Satguru Maharaj who just walked in interjected, “Even flies and ants walk around that seat…. These are holy people. Are they not worthier than ants and flies?”

AchrayaSatguru Swami TeoonramjiMaharaj merged in Supreme Lord in May 1942, enriching humanity with several spiritual centers, AmrapurAsthan and treasure of spiritual wisdom in one scripture – PremPrakashGranth.

But most of all He promised to remain ever-present on earth through a succession of enlightened gurus who are in constant rapport with God.


SATGURU SWAMI SARVANAND MAHARAJ was born in Dhanjani family of village Bhitshah near Hyderabad Sindh, His father ShriSevakramji was a pure vaisnava and devotee of Lord, and his mother Smt. Ishwari Devi a pious woman, was sister of AcharyaTeoonramjiMaharaj.

Besides being a man of deep moral strength, humanity and holiness, he was genuinely renounced. His life teaches us the complexity and depth of the Guru Disciple relationship. He was absorbed in deep devotion of His Guru Swami TeoonramjiMaharaj.

Once SatguruTeoonramjiMaharaj sent for Swamiji and very affectionately said, “Sarvanand, how is this path of renunciation?” Swamiji with folded hands said, “O, Noble Preceptor, very powerful is thy divine play. Though this path is very difficult, one has to walk on razor’s edge. But the one who had Thy blessings will surely reach the ultimate destination.”

After the disappearance of AcharyaSatguru Swami TeoonramjiMaharaj, Satguru Swami Sarvanand crowned as the Head of PremPrakash Mission in 1942.


The Third master of PremPrakashMandal was Swami Shanti PrakashMaharaj. As his name suggests he was here to give us Prakash of Shanti "Light of Peace" He was the source of spirtuality, picture of purity and humilty. His works had made him symbol of service, sympathy and simplicity.

Swamiji's existence of earth is known as the Khirajmal, son of ShriAsudomalPahuja, born in 1907 as the Chak village of Sakhar district in Sindh. During the schooling, when Swamiji was in fourth standard, an effect of small pox had taken their eyesight. Swamiji's Father requested SantHarchuramSahibji to do something for the eyesight of their son and asked son to live with Sahibji at ShahpurThalho. Saint Harchuram Sahib noticed the humility and modesty of the child and after three years told to father "Don't worry about the loss of your son’s eye sight. He will show the path of spirituality to numerous and surely will emerge as the most celebrated saint of Sindh." The prediction was not proved wrong.

During the visit of Swami TeoramjiMaharaj to Chak Village, he came in the contact and asked Swami TeoramjiMaharaj for Guru Mantra. Swamiji took him to Amrapur ashram, Tando Adam. All the Saints of Ashram were impressed by his humble nature and services rendered. Swami TeoramjiMaharaj decided to give proper religious education to Khairaj, who they have given name "Shanti Prakash" Swami Shanti Prakash after spending 3 to 4 years at Haridwar for study of Shastras and Upanishads, went to Amritsar for deep study of Shri Guru Granth Sahib, in Amritsar Gyani Hammer Singhji of Sevapanthi was surprise to notice that whatever shabds&sloaks he was reciting from Shri Guru Granth Sahib or the explanation he was giving to him was being remembered by Swami Shanti Prakash only by listening once. After returning to Ashram not only with Swami TeoramjiMaharaj but also with Saint UdhavdasMaharaj, Swami Shanti Prakash visited various places of Sind and has filled life of many families with divine light by guiding them on the path of PremPrakash.

After the division of country Swami Shanti PrakashMaharaj came to India and established Swami TeoramPremPrakash Ashram at Ulhasnagar near Bombay. As Swami Shanti Prakash was not only the spiritual leader but also was a humanitarian and social reformer so due to social and religious activities of the ashram soon it become a pilgrim place for many thousands of people. During any natural calamity Swamiji was sending a team of volunteers who serve and help the affected people in various ways.

Swami Shanti PrakashMaharaj was the key factor for the numerous social welfare schemes. "Junta JanardhanParishad" was registered as trust for various social works such as running elders home, marriage aid and medical aid to poor and needy section of the society, educational aid to deserving students. Swamiji's heart was filled with love for every living of the earth. He advised, "if you want to become happy, feed birds and cow daily, god will bless abundantly". Many conferences and seminars were conducted in the Ashram. The world renowned eye surgeon padamshree Dr. M. C. Modi, who conducted two free eye camps at Ashram said " I am doing operation of human eyes, but Swamiji is operating the minds of people to give them new light in there life, I am here for his blessings."

Swami Shanti PrakashMaharaj was always encouraging his devotees to donate to institutions and organizations, which are working for the welfare and upliftment of the society. He was the President of Sunder SewakSabha, the organizations behind the smooth running of Swami Sarvanand Hospital, NariShala and BalMandir. Swamiji were also President of ShriRadheyshyamGaoShala, SwargdhamShamshanBhoomi and many other institutions. Swamiji completed his earth journey on August 15, 1992 at 4:00am, before the flight in which Swamiji were traveling touches the ground in Singapore. Physically Swamiji is no more with us but the ideology and the works are there to keep our life filled with light of peace for generations to come.


The most important person from the conception to the publication of "UNIVERSAL WELL WISHER" is Swami Dev Prakash Maharaj. "UNIVERSAL WELL WISHER" would have remained a dream, but for his inspiration, guidance and blessings. All this and more!

He was born on 1st January 1942 in a small village HyderChandia near Larkana Sind. ShriHukumatrai and Saint Tulsi Devi, the father and mother named their child Sanmukhlal.

After partition they migrated to Agra and then shifted to Ulhasnagar Camp No. 1 in 1949. Here child Sanmukhlal came in touch with Satguru Shanti PrakashMaharaj, who blessed him with 'Guru Mantra' in 1954.

Satguru Maharaj sent Sanmukhlal to Kashi for learning holy Sanskrit scriptures. He worked hard for 11 years to achieve title 'VedantAcharya'.

He was initiated by Satguru Shanti PrakashMaharaj into ascetic order (Sanyas) in 1967 and was rechristened as Swami DevPrakash.

His service and surrender to Satguru Maharaj is an unique and unparallel. His love and dedication to SatguruMaharaj cannot be explained by words. His truthfulness and faith to SatguruMaharaj cannot be explained by any language.

Swami DevPrakash has been elected as President of Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram Trust in Sept.1992.

He is working round the clock to complete Guru Maharaj's projects. He is leading all devotees with firm faith towards their ultimate destination.

Under his able leadership, Swami Shanti Prakash Trust has built up a unique temple in memory of Satguru Maharaj, in Swami Teonram Ashram Ulhasnagar.

Swami Dev Prakash Maharajji are the symbol of simplicity and have a heart filled with mercy and affection for the poor and needy ones. They are universal well wisher in true sense as their mercy and blessings showers alike on all human beings irrespective of religious Panth followed by the person. For the welfare and guidance of common people Satguru Swami DevPrakashJiMaharaj are publishing their thoughts in small booklet format titles as DevVani.